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08 May 2006 @ 01:15 am
[TEKKEN] Lustful Game - Index  
Title:  Lustful Game (Manipulate Your Way to Great Porn)
Chapter:  Index
Author:  Merci
Pairing:  Hwoarang/Jin, Bryan Fury/Steve Fox
Rating:  NC17
Status:  Wip
Source:  Tekken
Summary:  The next King of Iron Fist Tournament has been announced, and the fighters are arriving to find that their visit will be paid for in full by a mysterious benefactor.  The catch?  Everyone is paired up with another fighter to be their roommate.  In the end, it’s all a twisted game of manipulation to the one watching it all; the man who is skillfully moving the pieces on the board to satisfy his own voyeuristic desires.  The one, final piece of the puzzle staying just beyond his reach in his lustful game.

Feedback: Yes Please
Archiving:  Submitted to Noire Sensus.  Please ask first before posting anywhere else.
Warnings:    Slashfic (Slash-fik) n. A fictitious story which contains sexual relations between two or more men.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:  This story has been inspired by many late-night chats with Kat regarding Tekken and how there should be more smut with them out there.  Well, I happen to write smut, so I wanted to do the next logical step and write about various Tekken characters in pornographic situations.  The man behind the whole thing is my favourite character and the final chapter will involve him.  Since it appears to be a bit of a mystery at the moment, I won’t reveal any more than that.

I started this project with the idea of writing many chapters with many pairings.  It might sound like it jumps all over the place, but I'm trying to keep it to one storyline.  Kind of like a story that focuses on what different people are doing all night...

I also started this off with a huge sense of humour.  The titles are half-serious and half-funny.  I mean, the concept of someone manipulating people to fuck is ridiculous anyways, so why not take it further along the funny train?

Completed Chapters:

[01]  Hwoarang/Jin - No Escape (When all you’re given is porn and an angry Korean)
[02]  Bryan/Steve - Primal Drive (How to unsuccessfully run away from a cyborg)
[03]  Devil Jin/Hwoarang, Jin/Hwoarang - An Angry Devil (Now Hwoarang is really fucked!) Pun!

I keep a page going that I try to keep current with my writing status.  Future plans for this series are listed there.  Requests for pairings are accepted (although, if my muse isn't feeling it, I can't guarantee that I can write everything requested.)
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