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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Index

Unlikely Angel - Tekken Fanfiction

Title: Unlikely Angel
Author: Merci
Pairing: Hwoarang=Jin (reversible)
Characters:  Hwoarang, Jin, Jun, Angel, Devil, Baek, Xiaoyu, Miharu
Rating: NC17
Wordcount:  167k
Source:  Tekken
Summary: Hwoarang had his own problems to deal with, but when Jun Kazama approached him with an offer he couldn't refuse, he found himself in possession of powers he'd never asked for, and a promise to help his rival, Jin Kazama overcome the Devil that had recently overpowered him.  However, to counteract pure evil, he needed the power of pure good; the strength of an Angel.

Warnings:    Smoking cigarettes, minor substance abuse, mention of gambling.  Violence & disturbing violence.  Angst.  Male/Male relationships.  Male/Female relationships.  Male/Male kissing, explicit sex scenes.

Special Thanks:  Kat/fuma_x_seishiro for betaing and listening to me go on and on about this for ever and always being available to answer my random questions.  I seriously appreciate every minute you've spent with me on this.  To know that you're willing to read my little ideas and comment on the parts that make you laugh and/or cringe is so important to me.  You are seriously, seriously super-wonderful.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.

Notes:  This project took around a year and a half to finish, and I'm so happy it's done.  I focused a lot on plot in this project, developing Hwoarang's character (with the help of some OCs to explain some things and push him along on his quest) and then easing our favourite redhead into Jin's situation.  If you're discovering this story for the first time, please enjoy and know that it is involved.



[Chapter 01]
[Chapter 02]
[Chapter 03]
[Chapter 04]
[Chapter 05]
[Chapter 06]
[Chapter 07]
[Chapter 08]
[Chapter 09]
[Chapter 10]

[Chapter 11]
[Chapter 12]
[Chapter 13]
[Chapter 14]
[Chapter 15]
[Chapter 16]
[Chapter 17]
[Chapter 18]
[Chapter 19]
[Chapter 20]

[Chapter 21]
[Chapter 22]
[Chapter 23]
[Chapter 24]
[Chapter 25]
[Chapter 26]
[Chapter 27]
[Chapter 28] 
[Chapter 29]
[Chapter 30]

[Chapter 31]
[Chapter 32]
[Chapter 33]
[Chapter 34]
[Chapter 35]
[Chapter 36]
[Chapter 37]   
[Chapter 38]
[Chapter 39]
[Chapter 40]

[Chapter 41]
[Chapter 42]
[Chapter 43]
[Chapter 44]
[Chapter 45]



[ widdledragon ] - deviantArt | y!gallery

The lovely and awesome Widdledragon made me a really cute picture of Hwoarang in his angel gear!  I can't express how happy I am with this one.  She's got a really cute and unique style (and shares my interest in sledgehammer-violence, so I'm really happy she made this for me!!)

Angelic Rival
Angel may not have thought that Hwoarang was a good choice as a host, but he's determined and stubborn enough to show her different!  Must kill the devil, indeed!

Taming a Demon
I really, really like this piece.  The scene may not have happened in the fic, but it's symbolic of what Hwoarang is there to do.

Tasty Treats!
I have a bit of a theme going with the signs in Yakushima being cute, whimsical, homemade, and very different. widdledragon agreed and made me this for Christmas! I'm floored and adore it!

If you have any comments on this art, please visit her page and let her know!

Tags: ! fanfiction, !slash/yaoi, (tekken), (tekken) hwoarang/jin, (tekken) jin/hwoarang, *series: unlikely angel (tekken), .explicit sex, /angel, /devil jin, /hwoarang, /jin kazama
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