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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Chapter 07

Title: Unlikely Angel
Chapter:  07
Author: Merci
Summary:  Jin finds a research facility owned by G Corporation that is rumoured to have his mother inside.  Despite the ominous feeling he has, and the rate at which Devil is gaining his strength, Jin proceeds inside the maze of rooms and levels.

Feedback: Comments are welcome; constructive or positive. Flames are nice too because they make for something to laugh at and keep my feet toasty.
Special Thanks:  To my beta Kat for betaing everything I send her, and listening to me talk her ear off about this thing.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:  It doesn't really say anywhere where this hidden lab is.  I've picked a mysterious place somewhere on the 'mainland'.  I suspect Mexico might be a good guess...

"Angel/Devil's words inside Hwoarang/Jin's head"
'Hwoarang/Jin's thoughts'

Please see the Index for more details and chapter links.


Chapter 07

Ever since Jin had woken up and found that he’d been the one to level a previously-healthy forest, he’d dedicated himself to finding a means to overcome the evil inside him that was growing more powerful. As he looked for answers, his will was strained to its limits as he fought to maintain control over the devil within him. No matter what he did, there was always a voice in the back of his mind; a harsh whisper demanding to be set free.

That voice stayed with him on his journey to find answers, from Japan across to the mainland and far in from there.  The whispered rumor that his mother could still be alive spurred him onward and brought him to a laboratory hidden deep in a desolate valley, with only a few mountains shielding it from view.  The gates of the building where nondescript as was the facility itself; no company logo stood out on the exterior, but when the squadron of JACKs appeared out of nowhere, Jin knew it had to belong to G Corporation.  The fighting machines rushed towards him and he took out the first few JACKs that attacked him, easily throwing them against the stone walls that bordered the lab doors.  However, the distraction was enough for the devil inside him to overpower him and he felt the terrible pain in his back as the wings ripped through his muscle and skin and then his vision went black.


Jin finally regained his senses as Devil lost control of his body and retreated beneath the surface of his mind.  Quickly looking around he found that he was in a room with the bodies of many defeated JACKs around him.  Just like with the forest in Yakushima, he knew that he, no, Devil was responsible.  He bowed his head and leaned up against a crate to catch his breath; he was exhausted.  He could only assume that Devil brought him into the facility as he would have if he'd been in control.  Now all he had to do was regain some of his strength and finish the course, although it would be difficult if Devil took over whenever his body was strong, and leaving him again whenever it got too weak.  What he really needed… he blinked, his brown eyes focusing on a stack of cardboard boxes that were haphazardly stacked beside the crate he was leaning against.  There was a strange feeling he got from them, almost like he could perceive a red glow coming from inside.  He cautiously approached, toeing the topmost box onto the ground.  It burst open and a flash of red energy shot out, circling around in the air before zeroing in on Jin and shooting directly for his body.

He threw his arms up to block the attack, but the light was absorbed into his body instead, coursing through with powerful healing energy and instantly he began to feel better.  He closed his eyes while he felt his strength returning, feeling a light-hearted sense of joy settle over his soul; something he hadn't experienced since his… since his mother had been alive.  He could almost smell her in the air, although it was probably his imagination.  She couldn't be with him then if she was somewhere in the facility… could she? 

Strangely enough, devil remained silent for that moment.

Once the red energy had settled into his body, he felt energized enough to continue further into the labyrinth-like maze of rooms and passages.  Each room, it seemed, had its own host of androids and mechanized fighters just waiting for him.  As he beat yet another group into a pulp Jin began to wonder when it would all end, or did they know he was coming and hope that he'd be worn down before he got to the end, to his mother?  A wry grin lit up the corners of his mouth at the thought and he steeled his resolve as he prepared to enter yet another room.  Even if they did know he was coming (and it would be foolish to assume otherwise) he'd get through them all. 

He was reminded of the never-say-die determination of the Korean he'd met at the tournament; Hwoarang.  Of all the people he'd fought, that man couldn't accept his defeat.  Well, it hadn't really been a true defeat which was probably why he just wouldn't stop coming after him.  The only reason Jin bothered attending the tournaments was to destroy his cursed bloodline.  Killing his father was always the first thing in his mind, but ever since meeting Hwoarang… It seemed that the redhead wouldn't let their tie rest and he had to admit that he looked forward to seeing the fiery Korean with his taunts and promises of defeat as much as he wanted to see the Mishima bloodline destroyed.  At first the constant interruptions in his mission had grated on his nerves, but the more he'd meditated to clear his mind, the more he came to see the truth behind it; Hwoarang wanted him.  Just him.  He doubted the other man knew about his devil gene, and if Jin could help it, he'd never find out.  He wanted to fight Hwoarang as he was.  Not with Devil's influence or help, but with a calm, clear mind that was a true pitting of their skills against the other.  He promised himself that he'd fight Hwoarang again but first he had to navigate his way through the maze of rooms to get to the heart of the complex.

Jin stepped into another room, immediately noticing a large door at the centre of it.  It appeared bigger than the rest and he could sense something dark was on the other side of it.  Something… evil.  His devil began to pace, itching for the fight that was coming up, but Jin shrugged it off and approached the door.  It appeared to be electronically locked, too difficult to break down physically, and he didn't want to expend the energy for something that should have had a control somewhere… he focused his mind, remembering a room he'd bypassed but he'd had a strange feeling about.  It came to the forefront of his mind, almost pushed there by Devil, and he returned to the hallway, walking down to the room and stepped past the threshold.  His brown eyes quickly scanned for enemies but found none.  Still, the slightest noise could alert them; a breaking crate would draw them like flies, and he wanted to conserve his energy for his upcoming battle.  At the far corner of the room he saw a stack of boxes piled in a conspicuous fashion.  The voice in his mind commanded him to move forward, and against his better judgment he did.  At the moment his goals coincided with those of Devil, if only for the next hour or so.  The boxes fell to the side to reveal a control panel.  With one swift punch Jin destroyed it and there was the sound of hydraulics straining to move something heavy, and then there was silence.  He returned to the room with the door and found that it had been moved aside to reveal the room beyond.  Though he couldn't see who was waiting for him, he could sense their killing intent.  It was familiar to him, but still felt… almost fake.

"What are you waiting for?  I wanna see some blood!"

"Be quiet," Jin muttered as he walked through the now-open doorway.  His muscles were taught, ready to react to any attacks that came his way.  Still, he only tensed more when he saw his opponent appear at the centre of the room.  Although oddly dressed in grey prison-style pants with heavy manacles around his wrists, the image of Heihachi Mishima was everything he remembered.  Had his grandfather been captured?  No, there was something off about his energy.  As if it was flawed in some spots, like a copy of the original.

The Heihachi clone said nothing except taking the attack stance that the real Mishima patriarch used in combat.  So he wasn't real, but seemed to know how to fight like the original.  Jin slowly took his own stance, waiting for the perfect break in time when instinct propelled him forward with the first attack.

Devil stayed silent as Jin moved, only adding his own strength to the fight as the brunette side-stepped one of Heihachi's kicks before the older man stomped his foot on the floor and knocked him off-guard and used the opportunity to hit him with a charged uppercut.

Jin fell backwards, hitting his head against the wall before his body was overtaken with another, stronger pain as he felt a pressure growing in his chest.  "No…" he moaned and grit his teeth against surge of power he could feel inside him.  It was like nothing he'd felt before; that demon was getting stronger.  He clung to his sanity as the black wings burst from his back, refusing to lose cognizance of the situation.  He took a back-seat to Devil as his body was possessed.  It was like watching a movie from behind the eyes of the star; but still capable of feeling the pain of each hit he took.

Heihachi's clone seemed unfazed by the transformation and came at Devil with everything he had.  The older man's fist connected with his head, although Devil's power deflected most of the blow and he was able to come back at him with a demon jab that sent him flying.  The longer the fight progressed, the stronger Devil's hold over his body became and Jin's perspective became too fuzzy to watch any longer.  As Heihachi was defeated, three more clones appeared and Devil howled with glee before diving into the fray and Jin closed his eyes; too overpowered to maintain consciousness any more.


Just as before, Jin awoke with an aching body and surrounded by destruction and death.  The bodies of the Heihachi clones lay strewn about the room.  Jin didn't need to approach them to know they were dead, and he was filled with a sense of anxiety over what he would find at the end of his journey.  Would something similar have been done to his mother?

Ignoring the pain, Jin proceeded beyond the clone room into what looked like a small control room.  It appeared to have been abandoned in haste, since the systems were still active with the access codes in place.  Perhaps the scientists monitoring his fight had fled once Devil had manifested.  Either way, it was an opportunity for Jin to get a good look at what was going on in the facility.  He was glad that the systems were still logged in, since the computers that he'd used at school had only taught him so much about navigating within a system.  He didn't know the first thing about hacking, and breathed a sigh of relief as he was able to locate blueprints of the labs fairly quickly.

"This looks like…" he gasped before scrolling quickly through the data.  The lab had been constructed on the site of ancient ruins, which should have tipped off the brunette that something was amiss although he couldn't quite put his finger on it.  He memorized the map, taking note of a circular chamber that seemed to connect several of the levels together and decided to head in that direction.  A faster way down that would take him past the mobs of guards would be nice, and it would give him time to recover his strength so that Devil couldn't take over again.

~End Chapter Seven~

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