January 15th, 2007

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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Index

Unlikely Angel - Tekken Fanfiction

Title: Unlikely Angel
Author: Merci
Pairing: Hwoarang=Jin (reversible)
Characters:  Hwoarang, Jin, Jun, Angel, Devil, Baek, Xiaoyu, Miharu
Rating: NC17
Wordcount:  167k
Source:  Tekken
Summary: Hwoarang had his own problems to deal with, but when Jun Kazama approached him with an offer he couldn't refuse, he found himself in possession of powers he'd never asked for, and a promise to help his rival, Jin Kazama overcome the Devil that had recently overpowered him.  However, to counteract pure evil, he needed the power of pure good; the strength of an Angel.

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