July 3rd, 2007

Writing to death

[BLEACH] Manly Kisses

Title: Manly Kisses
Author: Merci
Pairing: Kenpachi/Yumichika, Kenpachi/Ikkaku, Ikkaku/Yumichika, hinted: Kenpachi/Shunsui, Shunsui/Jyuushiro
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Word Count: 982
Time taken: 1 hour, give or take some minutes agonizing over a title
Source: Bleach
Summary: CRACK. Kenpachi is bored and goes for a wander through the 11th division where he finds Ikkaku and Yumichika making out. There is a competitive nature to the way that they kiss, and he can’t help but muscle his way into both their mouths… to find out who is the strongest kisser! It’s just crack. Pure crack. Just… crack.

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