February 27th, 2008

Writing to death

[TEKKEN] Walking in the Air

Title: Walking in the Air
Author: Merci
For: Kat
Pairing: Hwoarang/Jin
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 5,993
Status: Complete
Source: Tekken
Summary: Jin and Hwoarang meet by chance on a busy street in Osaka. Hwoarang invites himself along to spend time with his rival and the two end up in Jin’s cabin in the forest outside of the large city. Stranded in a snowstorm, the two fighters find ways to spend the time, and enjoy Christmas together.

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Badou smoking guns

[DOGS: BULLETS & CARNAGE] Territorial Pissings - Chapter 01

Title: Territorial Pissings
Author: Merci
Chapter: 01
Pairing: Giovanni/Badou
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 2,504
Status: WIP
Source: Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Summary: Badou found himself spending another bland evening at his favourite watering hole. This time, however, he has company that is intent on figuring him out, or at least, asserting their dominance.

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