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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Chapter 09

Title: Unlikely Angel
Chapter:  09
Author: Merci
Summary:  Jin is progressing further within the G-Corporation facility.

Feedback: Comments are welcome; constructive or positive. Flames are nice too because they make for something to laugh at and keep my feet toasty.
Special Thanks:  To my beta Kat for betaing everything I send her, and listening to me talk her ear off about this thing.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:   I should warn about some angsting ahead.  I don't usually do it, but I found a particularly sad fanfic to read while I was waiting for inspiration for this and... well... let's say that I'm sticking with canon and Jin's plans to completely destroy his bloodline.

"Angel/Devil's words inside Hwoarang/Jin's head"
'Hwoarang/Jin's thoughts'

Please see the Index for more details and chapter links.


Chapter 09

After fighting with the Heihachi clones, Jin found himself searching through long-abandoned ruins that were oddly-enough laid out in the same manner as the confusing, twisting labyrinth of rooms and corridors that the upper levels had been. He jumped onto a stone block to climb up to a platform above his head. There was a master door that needed to be unlocked, but the switches and triggers to open it were spread out in the sea of rooms and it was a long while before he finally managed to destroy the last control box. He triumphantly rushed down the steps of the spiral room to move the door at the bottom aside.

The ominous stone face that hung on the door panel did not lend him comfort as he stepped over the threshold. The image of Ogre had been burned into his mind, and it set his nerves on edge when he felt another aura of killing intent wash over him, coupled with a roar of thunder.

Wonderful!” Devil cackled in his mind and Jin leapt to the side, narrowly missing a massive kick that came down at him from the shadows.

Jin turned, facing his attacker before shouting and balling his fists up. Ogre stepped towards him, his aura strong, powerful and above all challenging.

Jin’s blood simmered in his veins, his resolve to keep Devil under control was losing to his desire to avenge his mother’s death. This was not a clone; this was the real Ogre that had attacked her years earlier.

There were no words exchanged as the two powerful fighters clashed in a blow of energy. Ogre’s limbs became deadly weapons under his mastery and Jin was only able to miss a few of the creature’s critical strikes before landing some of his own. Ogre leapt back, preparing another barrage of swift, blinding kicks, but Jin rushed after him to beat the inhuman creature to the punch. Throwing all his weight and force into his next attack he channeled all his remaining energy behind the blow that sent Ogre flying backwards against a wall before landing face-first on the ground.

Finish him…” Devil commanded and Jin couldn’t refuse. It was his chance to avenge his mother. Jun… did that mean that the rumor of her being alive was false? His blood still simmered with a lust for vengeance, though the realization that there would be no reunion with his mother dampened the bloodlust that Devil had brought to the surface.

He hesitated, watching mutely as Ogre climbed to his feet and ran through another opening and down another passage.

Fool! What are you doing?!” Devil barked, struggling to gain control, but Jin held a tight leash on his own self-control. He’d been baited to let that evil feed off his anger. Commanding that voice to shut up he followed Ogre, intent on destroying it outright without taking any joy in the act.


More passages and tunnels met Jin as he struggled to keep up with the retreating Ogre. Before long he’d lost sight of the creature and was stopped by mobs of opponents that appeared before him instead. He knocked them all down, noticing that they seemed to be human and yet not. Perhaps they were controlled by Ogre or some power inside the ruins. He could sense the ancient energy all around him, living in the walls, in the strange stone-glasswork that he broke apart to continue forward. He held back while he fought the humans, controlled or not, he wouldn’t kill them if he could help it. Still, despite his attempts to hold back, many of them were left immobile and in serious pain when he was finished with them.

He entered yet another chamber, keeping his senses on alert for any attackers, but there seemed to be none. He kicked over a stone pillar, his intuition proving correct as glowing, red energy spilled from it and floated through the air before gently encircling him and entering his body through his skin. The warming heat was comforting after fighting for so long and Jin sat to rest on a toppled stone pillar, calming his mind and the voice that had gained strength inside it.

The healing light was too… out of place in that place. It didn’t seem that anybody else had noticed its presence, or maybe he was the only one who could use it. If that was the case… then someone was helping him. He closed his eyes, a chill running through his body. “Mother,” he whispered. “If that’s you… t-thank you. I will destroy Ogre to avenge you!” his heart tightened at the words and the realization he had the opportunity to destroy the monster that had taken his mother from him and robbing him of the life he’d known. He breathed out, deciding that he’d return to Yakushima after he’d destroyed Ogre. He could feel his soul yearning to be there again and the more he thought of it, the smaller Devil’s voice became in his mind. If he stayed there long enough he could regain his strength over the demon, and then… he’d kill everyone with the accursed Mishima bloodline in their veins… including himself.

But though that had been his goal for a long time, at that moment the thought tasted bitter in his mind. Very bitter. He didn’t want to die, but it was the only way to kill Devil and stop the curse. Stop the bloodline so nobody could take it from him and use it and… it was so complicated when he thought of Jun. How would his mother have reacted if he said he’d kill himself? Would she understand if he explained his reasons? Would she stop him? Help?

Would anybody else care?

He angrily jumped off the pillar and paced about the room. Xiaoyu? Hwoarang? He let out a bitter laugh, the noise sounding foreign to his ears and he kicked the pillar as he came back to it. Xiaoyu would cry, maybe organize some sort of memorial at school if she felt really active, but she’d live and move on. Hwoarang would be pissed. If the redhead found out he’d probably tell him it was a stupid idea, but the Korean didn’t know everything either. He didn’t know Jin’s reasons.

Jin didn’t want him to know anything.

Hwoarang was… his. His chosen opponent. The Blood Talon wasn’t like the people who tried to use and manipulate him for his gene. Not like Devil. Not like Heihachi or Kazuya. Hwoarang was Hwoarang and Jin would keep him separate from his family troubles at all costs.

It was the moments when Jin was in the arena and he heard that voice, gravelly and accented addressing him that he felt some semblance of relief from his troubles. All the other man wanted from him was a fight; a clean, pure fight without any tricks or distractions. It was something Jin could lose himself in and enjoy, instead of an uphill battle against a power that only wanted to destroy him.

Maybe he’d find Hwoarang before he killed himself. He would enjoy their fight as the one thing he freely chose in his life. It was the one thing he could have since everything else had been taken away.

Bitter resolve settled on him then, and though Devil’s voice was speaking loudly in his mind, it was as if he couldn’t even hear it. He turned on his heel from the smashed pillar and walked onwards with a determined stride to where he could sense Ogre was waiting. His plans were set; he knew what he was going to do and he even had something to look forward to before the end.

~End Chapter 09~

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