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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Chapter 16

Title: Unlikely Angel
Chapter:  16
Author: Merci
Summary:  Hwoarang must say goodbye to his friends... as hard as it is and inconvenient a time.

Feedback:  Comments are welcome; constructive or positive.  Flames are nice too because they make for something to laugh at and keep my feet toasty.
Special Thanks:  To my beta Kat for betaing everything I send her, and listening to me talk her ear off about this thing.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:  It's chapters like this that I really like the names Sun and Moon.

Short update when compared to others.  Sorry for that.  The next will be sooner.

"Angel/Devil's words inside Hwoarang/Jin's head"
'Hwoarang/Jin's thoughts'

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Chapter 16

Hwoarang arrived back at the Devil’s Cage in a matter of minutes and rushed down to Doyon’s suite.  The blonde drug lord was still awake and sucking on a joint when he answered the door.  “Hwoarang…” he stepped aside to let the Blood Talon in before he closed and locked the door behind him.  “Nice wings.”  He eyed the rest of Hwoarang’s white outfit before walking back to his couch and sat back down.  Mickey and Bloom were nowhere to be seen.

“Hitch is fine, now,” Hwoarang started.  Might as well start with the good news.

“Yeah?” Doyon asked.  “How’d ya know that?” he toked on the joint and looked at the redhead with mild expectation.  He was too stoned to really get upset.

“I flew over to the hospital, broke into his room, and healed him,” he said bluntly.  “He’ll wake up, the doctors will think another miracle has happened, and they’ll probably let him out before the end of the day.  I’m leaving too.”

Doyon nodded mellowly before his eyes flashed recognition.  “You healed him?”


“You’re leaving?”

“Yeah.  It’s a shitty time, but I have a… a friend of mine is in some trouble and I gotta see him.  It’s really important, and since Hitch is fine I gotta go.”

Doyon nodded again, “It sucks, man, but you do what you gotta do.”  He snubbed his joint out in the ashtray and left the roach on the side before eyeing Hwoarang.  “He got anything to do with those… experiments?” he indicated Hwoarang’s wings and the redhead chuckled.

“Umm, yes?”  Might as well go along with it; it was almost the truth, anyways.  “Oh, I also have a favour to ask.”

“You’re killing me.  What is it, asshole?”  Doyon’s expression was still calm and mellow.

“Get Moon a better job?  I’m sure you like her in the casino, but you know how rough it can get, and she’s got a fucking kid, man.”

Doyon glared at him harshly, the strength of the look losing its effect as his eyes began to wander.  “You really shouldn’t butt into her business, ‘Rang.  Moon’s a tough chick, and this charity shit doesn’t suit you.”

“Well,” Hwoarang said, standing.  “Think about it at least.  She’s got that Rora guy hanging off her, and god-knows how many other guys like him.”  The blonde was quiet.

Doyon stared at Hwoarang, or rather past him while he pulled out a smoke and lit it.  He stared intently, his eyes darting from one wing to the other until his cigarette was half-ashed and Hwoarang was feeling rather uncomfortable.

“You a fucking angel trying to save their souls or something, ‘Rang?  Normally I’d keep that bitch working the floor, but it could be the pot or those fucking Green Blades…” he paused before taking another drag.  “I’ll put someone else on Moon’s shift.  Maybe she could… I don’t know.  Whatever.  Consider her soul fucking saved from the evil of me.  Hitch’ll be happy, anyways…”

“Thanks, Doy,” Hwoarang said, feeling a little satisfied at the way things had gone.  “I owe ya one.”

“So we’re even, then?” the blonde got that look that meant he was talking business.

“Not even close,” Hwoarang laughed and reached over to punch his friend in the shoulder.  “You may have paid me back for Ami Yuu, but I still remember Sonya and a few other times when I saved your ass.”

“Bastard,” Doyon shook his head and stood to punch Hwoarang back.  “Ye’ll never let me of the fucking hook, will ya?”

“I can’t.  I’ll probably need another place to crash, jerk.  Quit trying to weasel out of it.”  He made to smack Doyon again, but instead pulled him into a half-hug.  “Thanks, man.”

“Whatever, Gi-Gi.  Get the fuck outta here.  I could be renting that room of yours… and I want my stuff back!” the blonde smacked him before stepping back.  Despite his seemingly harsh words Hwoarang knew that he’d be missed and waved a final goodbye to his friend before closing the door behind him and beginning the short trip to Moon’s apartment.


He didn’t bother to retract his wings before he knocked on her door, and she didn’t seem to notice them when she angrily let him in.

“Where the fuck were you, ‘Rang?  I thought you were going to stay with me!” she paced out to the balcony and left Hwoarang to close the door and follow her out while she lit up a cigarette.  “So…” she angrily sucked in a breath while indicating behind Hwoarang with the glowing smoke.  “What’s up with those things?”

“They’re wings,” he said flatly.

“No shit, I’ve got eyes.  So that’s it?  Nothing more to say about them?  I guess they’re why you took off, then.  You just flew away, like a little bird?”

“Yeah, they work.  Moon, I flew to the hospital to check on Hit.  I...” he tried to think of a concise way to explain what he’d done.  ‘I healed him with my new powers’ was not something he wanted to say, but couldn’t think of any other way to explain what he’d done.  “He’s made a full recovery.  I’m sorry I can’t go there with you to see him, but he’s coming home today or tomorrow.”

“How the hell do you know that, Hwoarang?  Huh?  And what do you mean you can’t go with us?  You promised!”

“I know I did, but something’s come up.  A friend of mine is in some deep shit and I gotta leave to help him out.”

“Really, and what about your friends here?”

“I told you I’ve taken care of it.  You think I like leaving like this?  Shit…” Doyon had been easy to deal with.  Hitch would have been easy as well if he’d been coherent, but Moon was the one he felt the guiltiest at leaving.  No, scratch that; Sun was.  Moon would cope with his leaving, if only staying pissed at him for a few weeks before dealing with it.  Sun on the other hand…  “Can I say goodbye to Sun?” he asked suddenly.

“Yeah,” she calmed down a fraction.  “I guess if you’re going to fuck off it’s the only decent thing you could do, right?”

Together they walked down the hall to the boy’s room, but before Moon could open the door, the knob turned from the other side and Sun peered out at them.  “Are you going, Hwo?”

“Yeah,” the redhead scratched the back of his head.  “I have to.”

“I heard you telling mom.  You must really like your friend if you’re leaving to help him.  Is he really in big trouble?”

“Yeah, from what I’ve heard he is.  He could probably handle it on his own, but…” Hwoarang trailed off.  It was like two separate parts of his life were intersecting and he was trying to tell one half about the other.  Sun would probably understand if he had enough time to explain everything that had happened with Jun and Angel.  Moon and Doyon, on the other hand… they were locked into their habits.  They wouldn’t leave their section of the city, unless… he brightened as a thought occurred to him.  “Hey, I tell ya what.  I don’t know how long I’ll be, or if I can come back here, but why don’t you come out to the next King of Iron Fist tournament?  It’s always a good show.”  He reached into his pocket and was glad that the flier had stayed with him despite his Angel clothes.

Sun seemed to cheer up when he saw the paper.  “Really?  That would be so cool!  Mom, could we?  Really?” Sun looked up to Moon whose anger was quickly leaving her in the presence of her son.

“I don’t know how we could afford-”

“I’m sure Doy would give you the money,” Hwoarang winked.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Moon said sarcastically.  “That guy is always so generous… alright,” she knelt to look Sun in the eye.  “I’ll see what I can do.  And you,” she said, looking at Hwoarang.  “Don’t think I’m not mad at you anymore!”

“Oh, I’d never be so delusional,” he said dryly.  “But I gotta go.  Watch for me at the tournament, eh?” he asked over his shoulder as he left.  It was as much closure as he could hope for from that part of his life.  He’d probably come back… probably.

Hwoarang stopped by his apartment to gather all the things he’d need together, which wasn’t much.  A few clothes that he knew Doyon wouldn’t miss were stuffed into shoulder bag that he could easily wear while flying.  He then returned to the rooftop.  The sun was starting to brighten the smoggy outline of the sky and he launched himself into the air, his wings taking him upwards with the ease of familiarity and practice.  He was getting the hang of his newfound abilities, which was a relief since he had a feeling he’d need every bit of them when he finally met up with Jin.

Then, with a directional sense built on instinct rather than knowledge of where Yakushima actually was, he flew towards Japan.

~End Chapter Sixteen~

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