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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Chapter 28

Title: Unlikely Angel
Chapter:  28
Author: Merci
Summary:  Confessions and telling heartbeats. Jin receives the final push from Jun, a little encouragement to move him into Hwoarang's arms.

Feedback: Comments are welcome; constructive or positive. Flames are nice too because they make for something to laugh at and keep my feet toasty.
Special Thanks:  To my beta Kat for betaing everything I send her, and listening to me talk her ear off about this thing.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:  My lamest summary EVAR. I thought a little blessing from Jun would be nice to throw in here. This is the last of the uncertainty. Uhh, sorry for the OMAKE at the end, but it was fucking NECESSARY! I couldn't continue without writing it, so said my muse. And I listen to it because it's pushed me to write all this so far.

"Angel/Devil's words inside Hwoarang/Jin's head"
'Hwoarang/Jin's thoughts'

Please see the Index for more details, chapter links and fanart.


Chapter 28

They’d arrived at the next cabin along the trail far later than they’d hoped. Much like the last time, they’d fumbled around in the dark, drawing out the blankets and sleeping bags before exhaustedly climbing inside and falling asleep. The only difference from the previous times was that they moved far closer to one another. Initially it had been casual, but quickly morphed into a twisted form of leg-kicked-out cuddle that really wasn’t comfortable. Neither man had the strength to move out of it and they settled down, their snores quickly growing to echo in the darkened room.

Jin’s dream started right away and he immediately recognized the setting. He seemed to remember seeing the fat, red moon just breaking the horizon, although this time it was climbing at a steady pace and he could feel the anger radiating from it. There was an ominous air that hung thick around the glowing orb and he immediately felt himself spiraling into horror as he saw it. Flashes of pain resonated across its surface and his thoughts immediately turned to Hwoarang. Devil would destroy him…

“No,” he muttered, lifting a hand to his head. He wouldn’t let it. His mind reeled at the threat and he fought back with an intense desire to stop that from happening. He thought of Hwoarang… the other man had been in his previous dream too, giving him strength and telling him something, something important. There was something else he needed to know… he nearly leapt as he felt a hand on his back, warm and filling him with strength. Jin turned his back to the blood moon that seemed to crackle with rage and looked towards the person that stood before him.

The white sun was shining brightly in the sky, though Jin couldn’t take his eyes from the figure that stood before him, her hand still on his shoulder and he rushed into her arms, gripping her tightly as she held him close. “Mom?” he asked with a shuddering breath. Her form was hazy and the harder he gripped her, the more translucent she became. He didn’t care; he’d been without her for so long that he wouldn’t let her go so easily, even if it was just a dream. There was so much he wanted to ask her, to tell her… he just wanted to look at her, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go.

Her laughter was weak but as clear as a bell as she patted his head and gently guided him to release her. “Jin,” she said, and it was the only thing he had to hear. He wanted to be strong, but he couldn’t stop the tightness in his chest and he bit back the tears that were welling up in his eyes. “I’m so proud of you, Jin,” she said, the warmth of her emotion shining through and Jin knew that it wasn’t just a dream. She was connected to him through Hwoarang, though she was still very weak.

“Mom, I don’t know what to do. Hwoarang is here and I don’t want him to go, but Devil will use me to-” all his worries started to fall from his lips in a torrent of doubt. Jun only smiled and raised a hand to his mouth to silence him.

“Don’t listen to your fear of him. He will come to rule you if you let him,” she said simply.

“Then what should I listen to?” Jin asked, exhausted.

“The one thing that he can’t influence,” she said, stepping back and pressing a hand to his chest. “Your heart.”

Jin woke with a start and tried to bolt upright in bed, but found that his Korean companion’s arms were entangled around his waist. He held his breath, listening to the silence. Loud snoring assured him that Hwoarang was still sleeping and blissfully unaware of his dream or that Jun had used him to communicate with her son. The sky outside was barely coloured with an early morning hue and Jin began to disentangle himself from Hwoarang, but paused as he looked upon the other fighter. He’d never seen Hwoarang like that and couldn’t help but move in closer, reaching out to brush some of his multi-coloured hair to the side. He wasn’t pretty when he slept, Hwoarang was definitely masculine and haphazard with his mouth open and his head tilted back at an awkward angle. Jun’s words came back to him then, her final advice before he’d felt a surge of energy spread through him from her touch, forcing him awake.

‘Listen to your heart.’

He raised a hand to his chest to feel the frantic beating beneath his ribcage. Was its rhythm so fast from the dream? He shook his head before looking down at Hwoarang with new eyes. Devil would be there if he was alone or not, but… he shared something with Hwoarang that Devil couldn’t reach. He really, truly felt something for the other man. Hwoarang had a way of making him feel normal, he knew of Devil and wasn’t afraid of the beast. What’s more, he had the power to fight it.

Jin held his breath as he leaned down as close as he dared to Hwoarang’s face. He hovered a breath away from him before continuing forward, feeling his heart thrumming as he brought his mouth down to gently kiss the other man’s lips. The act was brief and was abruptly ended when Hwoarang mumbled something and turned to the side, kicking his leg out from beneath the covers. Jin lied back down, his heart calming as his conscience did too and he closed his eyes to dreamless sleep.


“I dreamt I was at the tournament!” Hwoarang smiled as he stretched, arching off the floor somewhat as his feet poked from beneath the covers.

“I know, you kicked me a few times,” Jin smiled and passed some tea to the sleepy redhead.

“Yeah, I’m dangerous in bed, Kazama. You’d better watch yourself,” Hwoarang said, waggling his eyebrows.

“You’re not the only one who is dangerous in bed, Hwoarang,” Jin rolled his eyes before reaching out to smack the other man.

“Well, unless you’re planning on Dutch-ovening me, then you shouldn’t even try to make threats like that,” Hwoarang retorted, clearly enjoying the look on the other man’s face before his own changed to surprise as Jin reached down to grab his chin and hold him in place for a kiss. It was short and sweet, but even still Hwoarang felt a shiver race up his spine and he was left speechless. “Jin, what was…?”

“Just so you know you’re not the only one who can start kisses, Hwoarang,” Jin winked and returned to preparing the last of their rations for breakfast.


They started their hike in the early afternoon, the trail was becoming easier as the day progressed and Jin claimed to recognize some of the landmarks, which put the two fighters in high spirits. The sky had already begun to change to the colours of twilight when Jin pushed the greenery to the side to reveal the small clearing of his home. They both made a small shout of excitement before tiredly trudging across the lawn. Hwoarang stooped down to retrieve his cigarettes from where he’d left them on the porch days earlier. They’d been just far enough under the roof to avoid being rained on and he sighed contentedly as he put one of the slender sticks to his mouth and followed Jin into the cabin.

“No smoking in here, ‘Rang,” Jin said without looking up from his place bent over the stove. “Take it outside.”

Hwoarang frowned and pocketed his lighter, still keeping the unlit cigarette between his teeth as he flopped down onto Jin’s bed. “You’re just trying to get me out of your bed.”

“Well, it is mine.”

“You mean I still get the shitty bed?” Hwoarang pouted, moving down onto the pile of blankets on the floor. “Damn.”

“Well, you are an uninvited guest. I didn’t have time to fix the spare room,” Jin sniffed. “You should have called first.”

“Maybe I should leave…” Hwoarang made to get up but stopped when he saw the look that Jin shot him over his shoulder.

“Don’t play coy, Hwoarang. It doesn’t suit you. Finish that outside and then come back and I’ll welcome you in then.”

Hwoarang didn’t move, instead throwing an arm over his eyes. He was too comfortable to move right then. “Maaa, Kazama!” he whined after a few moments. “I’m thirsty!”

“Then get something to drink,” came the deadpan response.

Hwoarang opened his eyes just enough to look over at the other man who was busy brewing some of his tea. He huffed out a breath and sat up, keeping his brows furrowed as he moved to sit heavily on a chair and reached into the basket that was still on the table for a can of pop. The food that had been bought days earlier seemed to be no worse for wear and he was glad that he’d grabbed some junk food while he’d been out and merrily munched on some spiced soy beans. He held his still-unlit cigarette between his fingers as he ate and watched the other man finish brewing his tea.

Jin sat opposite him and sipped at the beverage, his dark eyes trained on the cigarette that Hwoarang still held between his fingers. “I didn’t think you smoked,” he said, blowing on the steaming beverage.

“Only after sex,” Hwoarang winked, retrieving a beer from the basket and cracking it open.

“Is this how you’re gonna be?” Jin laughed. “One little kiss and you’re some lusty pervert?”

“Relax,” Hwoarang blew a kiss and tucked the smoke behind his ear. “I’m just fucking around. So what’s that tea?” He changed topics quickly before he got riled up and went for another kiss.

Jin blushed and set the cup on the table, staring at it for a moment. “Well, it helps me concentrate and develop my mental abilities. Mother used to give it to me and it helps me block Devil out of my thoughts.”

“So, those ladies… Momo and Inoue… they know about-”

“No!” Jin cut him off suddenly, before calming somewhat. “They are my mother’s friends. She told them that I have some trouble with nightmares and inner demons… so they don’t know exactly what’s wrong… and I don’t know what they think of it. Either way, they’re both very sweet and I don’t want them to know the truth…”

“So, nobody knows, do they?” Hwoarang asked suddenly, pulling the bottle from his lips. He’d thought that he was the only one in the dark about the whole situation, but it seemed that Jin had been doing his best to keep the secret from everybody.

“No. Only mother, you and…” he trailed off, visibly shuddering before adding that his father and grandfather also knew. “I’m going to kill them,” Jin added after a long pause. “Kazuya and Heihachi, I mean. The entire Mishima line is corrupt and twisted. Devil is so thoroughly entwined with every generation that it’s too evil to exist. I… won’t let anybody else suffer because of them.”

The confession slapped Hwoarang across the face as he felt the weight of what was being said. Jin intended to kill his family… did that include himself as well? He could see the intensity in the other man’s eyes, but couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “So that’s what you were doing whenever you blew me off?”

Jin nodded and took a sip of his tea before continuing. “I was going to kill… everyone… even myself, just to make sure that nobody else suffered because of him.”

Hwoarang’s mind reeled as he heard the confession, the words only starting to sink in as he rushed to speak. “But you’re not evil, Jin! You’re a fucking Kazama.”

“My father is a Mishima… it’s my responsibility to cleanse-”

Kazama,” Hwoarang said warningly. “Cleanse all you want, I can’t lecture you with the blood on my hands…” he took a deep breath, feeling the weight of the other man’s eyes on him. “But I know you’re strong enough… if you kill yourself it’s like giving in to him and admitting defeat…” He exhaled a shaky breath, unaware of when the tightness had gripped his chest and he grit his teeth, looking straight into Jin’s eyes. “I’ll never forgive you if you do it.”

“It was all I could think of,” Jin said after a long pause. “I didn’t want to, but I was just so alone. I didn’t know if I could resist… but now I’m sure I can,” he said with an infectious smile.

Hwoarang grinned, resting his chin in his hand before rubbing the back of his neck nervously and bringing his smoke to his mouth. He suddenly felt fluttery on the inside as he listened to Jin talk, just knowing that it really was a mutual interest that ran deeper than aesthetics on both their sides. Well, he hoped that Jin thought he was pretty. He damn well knew that Jin was hot. He reached for his lighter, shaking his head at the thought.

“No smoking,” Jin said, reaching across the table to put a hand on the lighter. “Take it outside.”

Hwoarang grinned and left, finding a comfortable spot on the porch with his back pressed up against the supporting beam again. His lighter flickered in the near-darkness and he inhaled deeply, not really needing the smoke but more craving the action. He’d been accused of having an oral fixation and was just comfortable when his mouth was doing something; whether it was smoking, drinking, or talking. Jin came out to join him and he thought of another thing he liked doing with his mouth, though he was too comfortable to grab Jin and kiss him again. Damn, he’d really enjoyed that kiss but he didn’t want to push things with Devil awake in his mind. Angel was being nice and quiet for him, probably biding her time until he pissed her off. He hoped she stayed out of his business for a little while longer; he was really starting to enjoy Jin’s company. He sucked back on the filter of his cigarette, lighting the cherry heater brightly before pulling it away and replacing it with the lip of his beer.

They sat outside for a long while, Hwoarang’s mouth busy with either cigarette or beer and left the silence between them untouched. It was comfortable and a good end to their day. There had been so much said between them, so many doors had been opened and crossed through, leading to each other and drawing them closer… he couldn’t fathom ruining it with another word.

Hwoarang leaned heavily against the weathered wood, beer long-gone with the spent butts of several cigarettes floating in the liquid that remained at the bottom of the bottle. He stretched, hearing the sounds of Jin standing.

“You coming to bed?” he asked, as casually as a lover would and Hwoarang had to smile.

“Was that an invitation?”

Jin didn’t answer and he silently rose to follow, closing the door behind him.



Jin: Hwoarang, I didn’t mean you could climb into MY bed!
Hwoarang: But… the way you said it… I thought…
Jin: It’s too crowded!!!!
Hwoarang: Aww, don’t be that way, baby! We can cuddle better this way.
Jin: … *pouts*
Hwoarang: Yeah, now just let me get… comfortable… *adjusts self*
Jin: O_O OUT!!
Hwoarang: But… I thought you wanted some buttsecks?
Jin: Too tired!! Ask tomorrow!!
Hwoarang: Ahhh yeah, nothing like morning sex!!
Jin: Hwoarang, can you please get out of my bed now? You’ve got your own bed.
Hwoarang: You mean the pile of blankets on the floor? Yeah, thanks, Kazama. Really appreciate your hospitality. *reaches down to pinch Jin on the ass*
Jin: Hwoarang!!
Hwoarang: *hops out of bed* See you in the morning, sweetheart *blows kisses* <3<3
Jin: *rolls eyes*
Jin: … Hwoarang… You can come back if you want
Hwoarang: *already snoring*
Jin: *giggles* Well, don’t say I never asked…

~End Chapter Twenty-Eight~

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