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[TEKKEN] Unlikely Angel - Chapter 37

Title: Unlikely Angel
Chapter:  37
Author: Merci
Summary:  Devil contemplates his position from within his golden prison. He's aware of events beyond the golden walls, including Jin's relationship with Hwoarang. He is trapped in his rage at this fact, until he can feel the dark call of a kindred spirit promising him release.

Feedback:  Comments are welcome; constructive or positive.  Flames are nice too because they make for something to laugh at and keep my feet toasty.
Special Thanks:  To my beta Kat for betaing everything I send her, and listening to me talk her ear off about this thing.
Disclaimer:  The characters found here *do not* belong to me.  The story itself *does* belong to me.  I am making no profit from this endeavour.
Notes:  I knew I'd wanted to include something about Devil, and decided this was the place to do it. I also got to use the word 'oubliette' which I love.

"Angel/Devil's words inside Hwoarang/Jin's head"
'Hwoarang/Jin's thoughts'

Please see the Index for more details, chapter links and fanart.


Chapter 37

He could feel the danger radiating from the golden walls. Everything burned him when he touched it, warming to an uncomfortable temperature. He cursed again, leaning against the golden pillar. His back was hot, but instead of screaming in pain, he let the sensation wash over him and fuel his anger. The cage was small, too restrictive to spread his wings, too circular and claustrophobic for a creature that was accustomed to moving freely, flying wherever and whenever he wanted, destroying anything that tried to stop him. He was accustomed to spreading his wings, soaring high and burning whatever caught his attention, tearing it to pieces. The cage that trapped him to the ground was intolerably painful.

Hn,” he muttered, closing his eyes in an uncharacteristic display of rest. His host was becoming stronger and he despised it. The more powerful the human became, the less sway he’d have and soon he’d be unable to take over the strong and muscular body at all. That fact alone had made Devil pace in his golden cage, burning his fingers as he attempted to claw his way out. When that failed, he’d been forced to bide his time, thinking back to the moment he should have made his move.

He’d watched Jin fall in with the wrong crowd time and time again. The naïve boy had believed their lies and trusted them with his life. How foolish and stupid! Devil howled with laughter each time Jin was betrayed; it was so beautiful. He could feel his precious host suffering and alone and it sent a shiver of excitement through him as he felt his power over the human increase. Each time it happened, Jin cracked a little more to his will. Each time someone stabbed him in the back – or shot him between the eyes – Devil felt himself grow a little stronger and influential in his position. His strength grew, his seat as the one in control of Jin’s mind would solidify that much more and Devil would chortle, snidely commenting and pushing the human over the edge.

Somewhere it had all gotten away from him and he was left in his golden oubliette.

The dark creature leaned its head back, gazing at the midnight sky that teased from the opening of his prison. Hwoarang was what had happened to him, he thought, half-imagining the Korean soaring through the sky. Devil was closed off from the outside world, blocked from seeing or experiencing what was happening to his host. Still, it was hard to ignore the act that Jin participated in which filled every crevice of his being with the smell of sex and… ugh, Devil couldn’t even think about it without feeling nauseous. The walls surrounding him had become stronger with the passion and affection swirling about inside of Jin, causing him to drop to his knees. Devil had strained to peer through a chink in the golden walls, taking in everything from Jin’s psyche from that obscure vantage point. He spat on the ground, the saliva sizzling as it splattered the wall of his prison. The pure, touchy-feely shit Jin was allowing himself to experience was getting to him.

The horned beast shook his head at the memory and growled, clenching his hands and fighting back the nausea. Jin’s heart was opened to this man, and the Korean filth didn’t appear to be using Jin as the others had. This only strengthened the feelings more and continued the vicious cycle that threatened to send Devil reeling with disgust. The body he’d fought to possess and use for his own was now a prison with no escape, with long-repressed feelings crashing down on him and he knew he’d drown if something didn’t change soon.

The passion that had grown tenfold since that redhead had appeared to them in Yakushima.

Devil stood from his place against the wall and stretched, his wings awkwardly opening halfway as he bent forward to work the kinks out of his back. He kicked up a bit of dust and began his pacing around the perimeter like a caged animal at the zoo. The chains around his leg rattled in a comforting sound that brought back thoughts of metal and burning fire. He had to plan a way to reverse positions with his host, and he knew the opportunity would arise at the tournament. The change of scenery and overwhelming crowds never boded well for Jin’s mental state and he would somehow use that against him. His eyes sought out the break in the wall, peering through the golden opening into the world beyond. He strained to see what was happening, feeling out the terrain and change of scenery from the small area he could see. He instantly knew they were at the tournament, he could feel the strength of the fighters coming at him from all angles. The energy of the participants and crowds surged through that opening and gave Devil a good idea of what was going on. The fighters were strong when pitted against each other, but would burst like weak maggots under his claws. It was a sea of fresh meat ready for the slaughter, but he was trapped by those goddamn pillars! Still, through the sea of errant thoughts and greed for victory, he could feel something else. Someone whispering in a voice that sent his blood chilling through his veins. Something just as black-hearted and wicked as his own burning soul was outside, and it was rejuvenating him.

Devil, already wearing the face of his host, Jin, closed his eyes and breathed in that delicious black aura that sifted through the air and surrounded him. He raked his claws across his chest, spreading his palm flat along his shoulder before digging in and clawing across to his neck. It was so delicious and welcome. The creature outside was a part of him that he’d broken away from what felt like a lifetime ago; the same malicious and bloodthirsty spirit that had called him out at the end of the last tournament. He recognized the twinned-Devil within Kazuya Mishima calling to him, beckoning, even through those holy pillars to his prison. He drew his claws from his body, hissing in pain as they took with them a stream of blood. He’d dug deep, but the sensation was enough to make him feel alive again, and he lazily touched the golden walls again, spreading the blood around as it sizzled and popped – two opposing forces meeting and reacting. This time, however, the blood stained the gold to a dull rust colour and Devil threw his head back in a shrill laugh.

Devil stepped back from the wall, clenching his hands as they smoked from where the gold had burned off the blood and seared into his flesh. The midnight sky twinkled above him and the creature could feel his deliverance at hand. The pillars glowed with strength around him, though he could feel the pulse of his own twinned power throbbing inside and out. Soon he would break a crack in his prison walls. He’d reduce the pure gold to dust, pulverizing the walls that were built with confidence and strength realized from that redheaded freak. Jin may have opened himself to Hwoarang, but one other man could not help stop the storm that was coming.

Not when Devil got close to his other half.

Not when he was strong enough to break free and show Jin the true meaning of fear.

~End Chapter Thirty-Seven~

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