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Unlikely Angel Doujinshi/Fan Comic

This project has been dropped (People voted, but I couldn't get a hold of them when the fanfic was done to begin communications.)

If someone is willing to work on this whole thing with me, where I cut it down to a workable version for one person, please contact me. No time-limit there.

This is the official post for communication about the potential doujinshi/fan comic based on my Tekken Fanfiction Unlikely Angel.
I created this post so people can watch/bookmark/etc. it and keep up to date on the doujinshi project.  (Is there any way that people can be notified every time I update this post?)  I may have to make a comm for this...
(I also have a club at y!gallery where I will post any updates as well. This post, as well as my y!g club will be kept in sync.)

- I got several votes from artists willing to collab with other artists on this project (about 5 total) and I don't know if that small number will scare off anybody who had voted as willing to help out.
- I also got a vote from an artist willing to do the whole thing themselves.

If you want to work on this, let me know.  Comment to tell me you're still interested.

If you said you'd help, but changed your mind, that's fine too. I won't hold anyone to the vote on my first poll. However, once we start, I'll be annoyed if someone backs out or over-extended themselves and can't finish what they committed to.
I know it can take a while to do something like this, which is fine. My rl has delayed releases of chapters, so I understand that things can get hectic. I am the type who likes to finish things once started, so this is something I won't drop, and I'd like to work with people who won't drop it either.

If you want to get involved in this, show your support or let me know you had voted, but are unable to help out anymore, NOW is the time to let me know.  I will wait until the end of August for people to contact me with their interest.
After that, I'll proceed however we decide to go.

If I don't hear back from any of the voters, then I'll leave this project as a pipe-dream and move on to write other things.

NEWS - August 22, 2008
Here is a better explanation of how this project will work.  Any questions for clarification are welcome, since I'm sure I've missed some things.
- this is something we're doing for fun.  I'm not making money off of this.  This won't be sold anywhere or anything like that.  (If those involved all decide to print/sell this, then fine, but I wanted to make it clear that I can't pay anyone for their time, and I won't turn around and make money off of others' hard work.)
- I don't expect this whole thing to be reproduced word-for-word.  It would be an adaptation with lots of my extraneous bullshit cut out.  Bullshit may include, but is not limited to, all the time I spent beefing up Hwoarang's confidence with Angel's powers.  Maybe some of their adventures in Yakushima (like visiting the onsen) (although, people seem to have really enjoyed Yakushima, so... if there's a scene from there you're dying to draw, then help yourself!  Just don't feel like it MUST be done or anything.)
- I'm not an artist, so I don't know where we could post/host this doujinshi.  If someone has any ideas, please share.

- I can't think of anything else people might want to know about.  Umm... ask??

NOTE: I am screening all comments to this post. This means that all comments will be hidden from view and only I can see them until I un-screen them. This is to protect anyone's privacy if they are nervous about letting anyone see their ideas. If you do not want me to un-screen your comment (you want it to be a private comment to me) then please tell me.
Tags: *series: unlikely angel (tekken)
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