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Table of Contents - Original Fiction

I ran out of space to keep original and fanfiction in the same table of contents. They are now separate.

Please note that the majority of my original stories are friends-locked. If you want to read them, please comment and ask to be friended.


  • A Plague of Demons
    gen, PG13, frightening scenes
    London is gripped by a terrible plague called the Black Death.  All the doctors have fled the city and the people that remain are falling like flies before this unstoppable disease.  The deaths of the victims are so swift and painful that it leads some to believe that the bizarre illness may have a darker, more sinister origin.  The air of death draws unspeakable beasts out of the shadows; dark demons that attack humans and feed off their suffering before dragging their souls with them back into darkness.  This breach of the vale between the underworld and the land of the living forces the church to relax its stance on the use of magic in order to put up a proper fight.  However, the men available are not qualified physicians, and even more distressing are their reasons for agreeing to the role of Plague doctor in the first place.  What sort of man would agree to risk infection from the poisoned airs of the Black Death, as well as his life?  What madness, or desperation, could drive a man to wear the stifling costume and heavy burden that goes with the thankless task of combating a plague wrought from the airs of hell?

  • Between Us and the Sky
    To Ashton, Gabriel is perfect. Without him, where would he be. He can't comprehend why such an angel would care for him so much. If only he knew...
    • Between Us and the Sky
      slash, PG, male/male relationships, fluff -- Gabriel/Ashton
      Ashton has always admired Gabriel for his fearless demeanour, especially considering the many worries he experienced on a daily basis.  Then an innocent trip to a funfair forced Ashton to consider some of his many anxieties, and Gabriel to reveal one of his possibly only) fears.

    • Butterflies & Ice Cream
      slash, G, male/male relationships -- Gabriel/Ashton
      Ashton’s theatrical debut is wrought with stage fright and anxiety. Gabriel offers some encouragement.

  • Secret Tomorrow
    Daisuke and Alexis are unlikely friends from school; Dai being a dark, quiet boy, whereas Alexis is a sunny, bright, social butterfly.  These short gaps into their life are AUs to a larger, darker story that I'm working on.
    • Things to do on an empty bus
      slash/gay, NC17, AU - Daisuke/Alexis
      The two are on their way home after a night out and Daisuke decides to call Alexis' bluff when the boy teases him on the bus ride home.  Then things get out of control...

    • Study Date
      slash, NC17, AU - Daisuke/Alexis
      Daisuke and Alexis are on opposite ends of the social scale, so it’s a bit awkward when they are paired up for a homework assignment in their computers class. Daisuke, the antisocial computer geek, has no time for Alexis’ unfamiliarity with computers. Alexis is desperate for help with the assignment, so Daisuke agrees to help him out, in exchange for some help in a few other areas…

  • Stars Like Snow
    slash, NC17, violence, blood, frot, male/male relationships, happy endings
    Riian's purpose in life was to cause death in his service to the Evergraves family empire. Their enemies were his targets, and he killed without regret, until one mistake cost him his life. Now, as a newly born clone, Riian is still their assassin, but must regain their trust after his predecessor’s failure. When a rival assassin targets the family holdings, Riian rushes out to meet him. The thought of proving himself fuels his ambition, even as fragmented memories of his past tempt him with the truth of how he died. His enemy holds the missing pieces to the puzzle, and Riian is faced with a terrible decision; making the same mistake twice or betray what he knows is right.

  • ZPlague
    gen, PG13, frightening scenes, violence, blood, experiments)
    This is a project that will *fingers crossed* become a comic.  I've met with an artist on DA who is really awesome and I think would work really nicely for this gritty, dark story idea that I've developed.
    Summary:  In an alternate world where the great war did not take place, people are eager to take up arms against their neighbours.  States fight to leave the countries that hold them in a crushingly tight grip and it seems that there is conflict brimming along the borderlands of most countries in some form or another.  Welcome to England, a bleak shell, eight years into the un-official conflict with Scotland and 15 years since the start of the Anglo-Franco war - the most barbaric fighting seen in the past century - which has been quiet blessedly muted for the past three years.  The King looks to science to offer up alternatives to bullets and what is created is far worse for his land than nuclear warfare might have wrought.  The simplistic, mindless zombies are easy to pick off, so-long as there aren't any higher-class types around to control them and bring any sort of order to their shambling chaos.  Heaven forbid the Unknown Types find the Boulstridge Prison where the survivors huddle.  Unfortunately, Zombies aren't the only thing waiting to kill and devour.

    Character Experiments - These are not officially IN the final story, but rather experiments in characterization so I can get to know these guys.

One-Shot Original Stories

  • A Gladiator's Ambition
    slash, NC17, wip, angst, violence - Achillus/Aiden</i>
    The gladiator Achillus has nearly reached his goal of freedom at the hand of the emperor himself.  After a particularily favourable battle, he is rewarded by his master for his success.  He didn't now that his master's son, Aiden, would be included as part of the reward.

  • Beginning
    gen, PG, Zombies
    It was a normal summer day in the suburbs, when the zombies came out... where to go?

  • Bird King
    gen, G
    Bird King is charged with keeping the peace in the forest. Sometimes, it’s easier to speak to his subjects directly, rather than soar above them.

  • Competitive Twiddling
    gen, G
    Rules and tips for professional thumb twiddlers! (Sort of a companion piece to Hierarchy of Toes.)

  • Dance of Seduction
    slash, PG13
    The bird shows its colours to attract a mate, pulling the raven from the crowd to set its talons upon its prey.

  • Hierarchy of Toes
    gen, G
    The toes all play vital roles in their positions on the foot.  What started off as a random thought bubble on how bizzarre feet look has turned into an exploration of the toe's positions. (Sort of a companion piece to Competitive Twiddling)

  • Light
    slash, PG, waff, Christmas
    Adra and Oz spend a winter evening together visiting the festival of lights.

  • Lovin' It (A McDonald's Porn Parody)
    slash, NC17, Parody, light bondage, verbal abuse (sort of), and ooc behavior of original characters.
    When fetishizing McDonald’s goes wrong.

  • More Than Want
    Slash/Yaoi, NC17
    Decianus has returned from several long years out on campaign. He is happy to be home, but his commander calls him out for one last mission. He would resist, but an invitation to an orgy is always hard to resist.

  • Rough Static
    yaoi, NC17, sex, blood, minor violence, vampirism & blood drinking, odd use of electricity
    I’m hungry and he’s old and horny. Perfect combination, I guess. He invites me home with him, so it’ll be easier to get what I need. Blood or sex? Can’t I have both?

  • The Truth Will Set You Free
    gen, R frightening scenes), minor violence and some grotesque imagery
    In a reality where humanity is suppressed into servitude by the Kicathu, there is only one bright star that shines.  A starlet that is held above all others in entertainment and keeping her fans’ morale high.  One man clings to her image more than the rest.  Locked into years of servitude for a thankless corporation, his obsession with this starlet is his lifeline to survival.  Her image haunts his every waking hour and fantasies.  He watches and loves her from afar, until he steps closer for a touch…

  • Vampire Heart
    het, NC17
    Leona is the daughter of a wealthy merchant; sought after by suitors and surrounded by people who claim to know what’s best for her. Jung Ahn is a foreigner seeking trading partners in the West, and followed by a mistake that could cost both he and Leona their lives.

  • When Hudson met River
    slash, NC17, pwp - Hudson/River
    Hudson was popular in school, but still couldn't help being attracted to River, the rebel of the school.  Still, he didn't expect the other boy to show any interest in him... that was, until he found himself cornered by the other boy in the locker room after school.

  • Wind - On Bitter Wings
    gen, G
    Written as a challenge to the question "What Element would you be?"
    Banished to the world of humans in the middle of a filthy city, the nameless Sylph has grown bitter and corrupt.

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